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The Sims 2

(Function () {(“Show application Page-Desktop”);}); The Sims 2 is the second part of one of the most popular simulation games around. Players are given the opportunity to reproduce and manipulate their family and help them achieve their goals to become well-rounded citizens.

The entry into the world of Sims 2the takes place in the stereotypical suburban neighborhoods. Players start with a pilot who can adapt and evolve according to their will. When dealing with the personality and physical nature of the aviator, they must build a house to find a job and develop social skills so that they can find a companion to start a family and become a respectable member of society. Needless to say, it all takes a lot of time and dedication and has a lot of rather boring moments as you watch the pilot use sleep and studying in the bathroom.

Is that you? The Sims 2 introduces players to a very detailed and creative world of wandering and Prosper about their own will and everyone who is a fan of simulation games safe hours of fun. It should be noted that it takes many hours to progress through the Sims 2 and it is not a game for people who want a lot of action and adventure with the game.

The Sims is back in the fourth installment, giving you the opportunity to create your dream home and watch virtual characters evolve. This game is also available for MAC. After years of waiting to follow the Sims 3, this last meal can revive the interest in the series? (Function () {(“Show application Page-Desktop”);});

Sims package that has no content

The Sims 4 will not try to change The principle of The series. However, I still expect a few new features compared to other games in the series. Shockingly, it is clear that with this new version, electronic art has done the opposite of what I expected: instead of adding new content, the publisher has decided on the flexibility of the game by getting a large number;

No pool, no small children, you can not see the work of Sims, the list is too long and the conclusion is clear: electronic art seems to have given enough space to add future DLC features that have been removed from the game. It seems to me that an unfortunate approach to see that the “perfect” game has already been sold entirely;

This criticism aside, but the game offers countless new features that Sims can do in the city or at home. The diversity of facilities you can buy is already huge and original, as well as numerous trips that you can go to. It’s a shame though that you can now get a boot screen when Sims move between a lot and a quarter when Sims 3 offers an open world where the action remains constant. The good news is that there is a new portal community that allows you to share your creations online (Avatars and constructions).

Great user interface and artificial intelligence

Regarding gameplay and accessibility, the SIMS 4 has been improved by many predeceers. While the presence of great lessons that can be boring for those who already know the series, everything has been redesigned for better management;

The new character creator is excellent: You can easily create a SIM card of your dreams simply by dragging your mouse to the parts of the body you want to change. When it comes to building or customizing houses, Sassega objects are clearly arranged, according to various rooms they have;

Simms also behaves a lot of attention. With a much needed revised system, your character is now independent intelligent, self-care automatically meets the tasks that fit their needs. This allows you to focusOn the most important things and develop talent through the Sims game.

Remember the Kuitenkinett√§ camera controls are cumbersome and impractical. It’s impossible to move in three dimensions, and it’s a big disappointing game that exploits the experience of the previous three episodes.

Not technically amazing, but very well optimized

A year after The Sims 3, many expected a real graphical update of this new release. Unfortunately, the difference between “The Sims 3” and “The Sims 4” is obviously not as obvious as it should be. While other than some nice graphical effects that look appealing, the graphics in this new version have already been dated since the moment it was published. This is too bad, although this error is the advantage of making a game compatible with less Power computer.

Do not take away from the technical point of view of this new Sims, the level of detail of the person is clearly improved. The main progress lies in a large number of available animations, ASCM is now able to exceed a wide range of emotions. So you can experience many fun situations that will help you give a great impression of life in the Sims in general.

Full idea just a little too dlc

The Sims 4 is a successful success. The developer seems to have worked on the interface; The creator of the Sims avatars and space building are jewels of simplicity and have great potential. With a much needed revised system and better automation of your Sims, you now have the necessary for a better gaming experience. There are many plug-ins for this game to download and enjoy: Get together, go to work!, open the Retreat, the city Unfortunately, the game is infested with disadvantages that are not easily ignored, especially for the longtime fans of the series. In addition to the unrecoverable technical flaws, the game is stripped of large amounts of content compared to the Sims 3, which looks like a very long string of paid content uploaded. It is an unfortunate move of electronic art that may want to revise its policies for years to come if they want to avoid the otching of many fans.

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