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Ready Player One 2018

When the creators of the virtual reality world called Oasis died, he released a video in which he challenged all users of Oasis to find Easter eggs, which she will give fortune seekers.

Director: Steven Spielberg authors: Zak Penn (screenplay), Ernest cabungcal (scenario)

In the year 2045, the real world is difficult. The only time Wade Watts (Don Sheridan) feels truly alive when he fled into the oasis, a virtual universe where attractive most men spend the day. In an oasis, you go everywhere, do everything, no one-the only limit is your own imagination. OASIS was created by the brilliant and eccentric James Hofman (Mark Rylance), who left a large fortune and full control of oasis to find the winner of three parts designed to be dependants. When something with hardly conquered the first challenge from bending Khazanah, he and his friends — aka high five — thrown into the universe’s great discoveries and danger to keep at oasis.

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